About Us


Marie Curie School began its journey on 15th January 1995 with the blessings of Dr. M. Innas Ali, National Professor and Former Science Advisor to the Hon’ble President. Our school was established with a view to producing students inspired and enlightened by the achievement of the great scientist, Marie Curie. We aim to create the best learning environment for young children and to prepare them for all aspects of their future life beyond school conforming to the requirement and the changed educational landscape of the 21st century. There is an expectation that standards will continue to rise. Marie Curie School has fulfilled that expectation and still working to upgrade the standard. It enjoys an enhanced reputation as a popular and thriving school in Dhaka. Marie Curie School started with an idea which is slowly and steadily coming to fruition. It may have come a long way since it’s inception, but not one of us shall ever forget any of our friends and benefactors who extended their absolute support to us.


Marie Curie School is a “Centre for Creative Learning”. It is an institution with a difference. It instills creativity and helps develop confidence. It is a unique institution where schooling would be both enjoyable and stimulating for young children. It would employ an innovative approach to them to boost their inherent potentials and develop creative thoughts. By fostering a greater understanding of the beliefs and values of the society in which we live, we hope that young people at Marie Curie School will develop feelings of tolerance and compassion towards others. The philosophy of Marie Curie School is based on the following five Pillars:

Impart Education through Activity: The tasks designed for classes of pupils consist of a set of varied activities, initiated by a wide range of stimuli within the classroom and drawing on experiences in and beyond the classroom. Their activities encourage themselves to develop a strong foundation of learning and a clear insight into the basic concepts as well as the uses and applications of knowledge in different areas of the curriculum e.g. language, science, math’s, etc. These experiences are particularly vital for the children to get the impetus for their growing confidence and independence. Activities through audio-visual aids and educational uses of computers would be a continuing source of enjoyment for the children. We have our own software package for children.

Boost Imagination and Inspire Creativity in Young Minds: Varied activities are a powerful means of developing individual ideas and imagination. Their imaginative involvements would give them opportunities for reflection on their own lives. Thus developing their personal, physical and emotional aspects.

Encourage Positive Thinking and Develop Confidence: Activities would encourage the children to explore their positive thinking. Classroom organization and varied work would inspire them to work independently towards building their own personality and self-esteem.

Provide Individual Care and Equal Opportunity to children of Varying Ability: From the very beginning, we ensure special care to the children with special problems. The intake of children is such that the teachers would be able to look after their individual needs. Activities would be devised to meet the demands of varying abilities of the same age group.

Offer Enjoyable Schooling in a Healthy Environment: Marie Curie School Campus is surrounded by greenery. It is an institution with an attractive healthy environment which is essential for a good educational institution.


All students are expected to behave in a prudent and mature manner. All members of the school community are expected to show care, courtesy, and dedication. Our ‘equal opportunity statement’ also indicates that we do not accept the behavior of those who try to harass, insult or harm any other person for any reason. Parents are expected to support the school’s standard in any respect by ensuring the arrival of their children at home safely. We strongly believe that varied activities are a powerful means of developing individual ideas and imagination. Their imaginative involvement would give them opportunities for reflection on their own lives. What we want our children to have are the liberal, egalitarian norms that help them to have a mind of their own and make them open and eager to learn.


The ‘0’ Level results of Marie Curie School have always been excellent. In 2009 Raiya Kishwar of our school achieved the world highest position in Accounting and almost all the students got ‘A’ grade in English. We have the record of obtaining 10 A’s out of 10 by two brilliant students, Sirajum Munira in 2007 and Sandipan Dutta in 2009. In the very first ‘0’ Level exam in 2002 Danish Anwar of Marie Curie School obtained the highest marks in English in Bangladesh. We proudly remember those students who are now studying in Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka University, North South University and other Universities abroad with scholarships.


We are always eager to strengthen ourselves through constant reviewing and monitoring our existing academic programmes to ensure that the institutional standards important to us can reach new levels of attainment. We are, therefore, going into a global education partnership with schools in London through British Council. We are also joining the Scouts to train our young learners in practical skills and a lot of activities, for example, camping. This will enable our children to experience on a small scale the totality of all that life has to offer.

We are planning to include swimming in our curriculum. As we all know that swimming is a life-saving skill and also a very good exercise to stay fit. Children will enjoy and also be benefited once they achieve this skill. We have plans to organize field trips for students within the country as well as to places of interest in our neighboring countries. We have already started and are planning to go ahead with the programmes for the eradication of poverty from Bangladesh.