Co-Curricular Activities

We believe in encouraging students to participate in co-curricular activities, which are instrumental in shaping their physical and mental development and in bringing out their hidden talents. Cultural or extra-curricular activities generating interest towards sharpening the overall intellectual faculties of the children have always on the front burner in Marie Curie School. With the help of our teachers and staff members a series of co-curricular activities ‘science fair’, ‘book fair cultural programmes on memorable days’, ‘annual sports’, ‘graduation ceremony of ‘0’ Level students’, ‘study tour’ and ‘clothes distribution programme to the poor people’ etc. take place throughout the year. The excitement and enthusiasm generated by these events are enormous. All the learners are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities.


Marie Curie School has been participating in the “International Assessment for Schools (IAS) and many different prestigious programmes i.e. ‘quiz on general knowledge’, “National Round of SAARC School Debate” etc. Besides these, Marie Curie School participates in various competitions i.e. art competitions, essay writings etc.

A six-member team of Marie Curie School (the Principal, a Senior Teacher and 4 ‘0’ Level students) participated in the first ‘International Festival on Biotechnology’ namely “Quest-2009” held at Lucknow, India.


Marie Curie School believes that the parents and the teachers are partners in our effort to nurture the child. Accordingly, we always leave the door open for suggestions on the part of the parents. Parents receive formal report cards of their child four times in a year. Besides these, parent-teacher meeting is arranged on regular basis to make the relationship more transparent between the school and the parents through the healthy exchange of ideas where everybody had their fair sharing. Marie Curie School considers the parents as its peers to make sure that home and school work together smoothly.


Besides imparting textual knowledge, it has always been an integral part of Marie Curie’s curriculum to sow the seeds of humanity, compassion and a sense of responsibility in its students’ minds. We teach all these not only through precepts but also through examples. We want everyone to understand and learn that even the smallest help from someone holds a significance that cannot ever be forgotten. Marie Curie School adopts a caring approach to all its pupils. Most young people have a special need at some time during childhood and adolescence and as a school, we help the pupil and their parents in many ways. We are able to accommodate our pupils with special needs. Our aim is to give each pupil confidence and help him to feel that he is valued as highly as every other pupil in the life of the school. Parents are encouraged to discuss any worries or concerns with the teachers and officers.


Gratitude – that’s exactly what we should feel every living moment of our lives for what the Almighty has given us. Our life has a purpose beyond all financial success and personal accomplishments, and that is to make a difference wherever and whenever we can. We can feel the excruciating pain of those who have nothing to hope for, whose lives are nothing but episodes of immeasurable misery. Marie Curie School has taken up a programme to help the needy whenever the situation arises due to natural calamities. For instance, during 1998 flood, we organized a fund-raising fair to help the flood-affected people. In 2007 cyclone ‘Sidri affected people were given alms through a volunteer team of the school. Besides these, every year we have been contributing warm clothes to the winter-stricken people on regular basis through a voluntary organization namely ‘Youth against Hunger: Marie Curie School believes that everybody has the equal right to survive on the earth. Marie Curie School also donated cash to the Acid Survivors Foundation for the welfare of acid burned people. We inspire and appreciate our students, parents, teachers and officials to stretch their arms to help the needy.


Marie Curie School is an institution with an eco-friendly environment. It is the only institution in Dhanmondi, which have spacious playgrounds in both campuses. Marie Curie School has highly educated and foreign-trained faculty to ensure quality education. It also ensures uninterrupted power supply and classrooms with air conditioners. Students from Play Group to ‘0’ Level have access to use the computer lab. School buses are available for the students.